Barbie’s Timeless Magic

“You can be anything.” That is the famous quote from Barbie that inspired millions of girls all around the globe. Everyone knows who Barbie is  – a doll made of plastic wearing pink, shimmering, stylish clothes with a stylish big doll house. A lot of us had a wonderful childhood with Barbie especially when playing with our most treasured friends. Barbie dolls helped us ignite our imagination, make wonderful connections with our friends, and continue to inspire us to become empowered individuals. Until now, Barbie continues to be a friendly companion for young girls and children across the world. 

Xilium celebrated its 12th year anniversary, celebrating its continued service to the clients and commitment to the employees. In those twelve years in service, have you ever thought if Xilium helped you to become whatever you wanted to become? Was the magic of inspiration helped you grow and stay?

Celebrating Nostalgia

Barbie (Barbara Millicent Roberts) was created by Ruth Handler and is named before her daughter Barbara. She created Barbie after realizing most girls played with traditional baby dolls. She wondered why parents would train their young children to be a mother at their age. It looks like society is instilling that girls will be just housewives, taking care of their children and family, and cannot do more than those tasks. She believed that a young girl can grow up and be anything she is dreaming of – teacher, astronaut, lawyer, scientist, president, etc. Ruth created Barbie as a symbol of women empowerment against the long history of patriarchy in the US. With the inspiration given by Barbie dolls, young girls can dream bigger and realize those when they grow up. The new Barbie movie simply ignites the nostalgic feeling, breathed life into the stylish plastic doll while maintaining its aesthetic design.

As grownups, we are too busy in our day-to-day activities and have no time to take a break and have some fun. Seeing the marketing campaigns of Barbie for its movie release online and on ground really entices the people to watch the film. And this tends to have high engagement and a lot of people are expected to watch the movie. Several people have high expectations for this movie since the trailer itself is enticing ang the message clearly reflects on what modern women are experiencing. The film is said to have a fusion of the original Barbie feel while incorporating societal problems that affect certain sectors in our society. 

A Bite of the New Barbie Movie

Spoiler Alert! The latest Barbie movie was released in the Philippines last July 19 this year and tons of people rushed to the nearest cinema just to watch this most anticipated movie. The movie portrays how Barbie, the main character, sees the real world and realizes that life isn’t always perfect. 

The film also emphasizes how influential Barbie is to the lives of women and how women thrive in the patriarchal society. The film highlights the importance of the female role models and how they can shape the dreams and ambitions of future generations. The movie shows the struggles of Ken and how he finds his own identity as he is always portrayed as a “complimentary character” to Barbie.

The movie was about self-realization, recognizing the struggles of women in the society, recognizing weakness, and learning from the mistakes. In the first scene, it shows how perfect Barbie Land is, their lifestyle, and how Barbies play an integral role in their world. As the movie progresses, they encounter problems in which Barbie, the role of Margot Robbie, is trying to solve by going into the real world along with Ken. They then have some realization during their adventure in the real world which greatly affects Barbie Land when Ken returns. Barbie then realized that life isn’t perfect and was about to give up until Gloria, one of the real world characters, encouraged her to fight for their right and continue what her real purpose is. At the end of the movie, Barbie solved the problem and made Ken realize that he has his purpose and not just a shadow of her, contrary to the stereotypical image of Ken.

Barbies in the Workplace

One of the most powerful depictions in the movie is how women thrive in this world where objectification and inequality still prevails. In the movie, it was shown how women are treated inside the workplace and the thought that they are just an accessory to men. It was also shown that the Mattel executives were not even women, but a bunch of men that heavily capitalized on women to boost their sales. It may seem sad, but that is the reality that society is facing. The expression of Barbie after knowing that there is no single woman in the executive is a reflection of how women struggle to have a high position in society and in the workplace. 

In today’s world, it is nice to see progress in the workplace thanks to the efforts of organizations supporting women and gender equality. Unlike before, women nowadays have opportunities for higher roles in an organization. However, the ratio between men and women still has a huge gap. The movie Barbie inspires a lot of women to stand up for themselves and be an inspiration to other women as well.

There was a scene in the movie where Gloria gave advice to Barbie about her experiences in the real world and why women should not give up. It shows the importance of “women empowering women” despite the high expectations of “perfect women.” With this simple act, a ripple of change is shown which led to the saving of the whole Barbie Land. It also showed how powerful women are despite the limitations they have in society, especially in the workplace. It was depicted in the end how Mattel accepted the proposal of the Barbie model and how fulfilled Gloria was after her hard work in conceptualizing it.

Women will always have a place in any workplace, whether in the field of business, science, or even in politics. The efficiency and effectiveness of women’s decision making has already been proven. A concrete example for this one is the Covid-19 response of New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and how she managed to solve the pandemic for New Zealand. She was hailed because of how she managed to solve the pandemic for New Zealand. Many countries were eyeing on how she managed to control the number of positive cases knowing that most countries are struggling to combat the pandemic, even the most powerful countries like the USA. It only manifests how women’s emotions can positively impact their work, contrary to the belief that women are too emotional in handling problems.

The Timeless Magic

Growing up, Barbie was there to inspire us to dream and believe that we can achieve anything. The magic of believing in oneself is so powerful that one can start a leap of faith without looking back. Barbie’s tremendous influence has transcended through generations, speaking volumes on the legendary doll’s impact all over the world. Since her creation, Barbie has changed to reflect shifting societal values, job aspirations, and beauty standards. She has come to represent empowerment, variety, and endless potential. Barbie has evolved from being a simple toy through the years to become a cultural icon, encouraging countless people to dream big, break down barriers, and embrace their individuality. She has become a relevant figure for individuals from all walks of life. Barbie is a living reminder of the ability of imagination, creativity, and tenacity will surely improve the world. She continues to be a steady representation of power, resiliency, and self-expression in a world where societal norms and expectations are always changing. The magic of every Barbie doll gives validation to the emotions of everyone as they play with them. Indeed, Barbie is not just for children and certain gender as she has shed light to the unheard situations of minorities.

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