EmpowerED: Unfolding Winning Minds Campaign

For the past 12 years, Xilium has persisted to keep its actions grounded on its three core brand values: Integrity, Excellence, and Compassion; these three values serve as its guiding ethos to deliver its promise to its clients and its employees for a decade and two. 

This 2023, Xilium focuses on compassion and by going back to its employees by extending its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives to them. As Xilium marks its 12-year anniversary, the company aims to give back to its people who have become its lifeline for the past years.

The EmpowerED: Unfolding Winning Minds campaign initiative, which was introduced last 8th of June 2023, aims to champion the succeeding generations through education by providing deserving students with the tools, such as laptops, they need to be equipped with in their pursuit of knowledge. This program aims to eliminate technological barriers in education and level the playing field for students participating in social and distant learning activities.   

Xilum believes in the power that education holds in changing the lives of children and its ability to bestow greater opportunities. However, it also recognizes the reality of unequal opportunities to have access to technology due to socio-economic reasons. It acknowledges the impact gadgets can have on education, opening doors to knowledge, creativity, and endless possibilities. Through a laptop donation program, Xilium strives to close the learning gaps by extending compassion and commitment beyond its employees by bridging them closer to achieving their aspirations by providing one laptop at a time.

The free laptop program is open to all Xilium employees with children, siblings, or first-degree relatives (recipients) in school years who rely on the former for financial support, such as for housing, food, clothing, necessities, and more. For those who wish to apply, an application form containing the recipient’s necessary information with supporting documents, accompanied by employee’s proof of employment with Xilium, as well as a letter explaining why they deserve to be granted a laptop, considering their personal circumstances, dedication to education, and potential for success must be submitted. 

Eligible recipients will undergo a screening process and will be evaluated according to the following considerations (but are not limited to): the recipients’ current lack of access to a laptop/computer and how it hinders their educational progress, financial limitations, academic achievements, future aspirations, and others. 

After careful assessment, sixteen (16) lucky winners from across all of the company’s branches in the country were announced during the 12th year anniversary celebration last July 14th. Specifically, eight (8) were from the Iloilo branch, three (3) were from Roxas and Bacolod branches, and two (2) were from the Cebu branch. Recipients may claim the device from any Xilium location near them.

As the company moves to greater heights, it will carry its commitment for education and compassion for its people. The EmpowerED: Unfolding Winning Minds program will be one of Xilium’s continuing legacy and contributions to society. Hoping that someday, all children will be given equal opportunities and resources to pursue their aspirations in their quest for learning.