Win Within (Xilium’s Version)

Lately, Taylor Swift has been making headlines with the release of her album Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). Whether it was through heartbreaks or happy moments, some of you may have fond memories with the first version back in 2010. And with the current release of her own version, the album sparks a different kind of nostalgia from a matured perspective.


Before we celebrate Taylor Swift’s winning moment, let’s have a trip down memory lane. The 2010s was definitely a decade to remember; from Michelle Phan to Instagram’s release – it was indeed a redefining moment for many of us. As we look back on our 2010 memories, some of us may share an awkward laugh or cringe when we think about those times. 

Imagine this: it’s 2011 and you are in your room on a typical Tuesday night blasting your favorite tunes. You were either binge-watching Michelle Phan or PewDiePie on YouTube during your free time after. Or maybe, you were rewatching The Last Song or some other romcom online. 

On your free days, you were probably trying to take a snap of your #OOTD before heading out. Your choice of clothes perhaps consisted of a beanie, a printed shirt, a skater skirt, and of course, a pair of Converse sneakers. You also might have been swapping filters on Instagram to join in the filter trend right after. Your captions were most likely consisted of random hashtags such as #love, #fashion, and a lot more random words. While you were enjoying your youth, Xilium has just been born.

The 2010s was also a time of great pop culture, especially in music. It was a period of music redefined by a wave of boy bands. You were (or you probably knew one who) also maybe a die-hard fan of One Direction, The Wanted, 5 Seconds of Summer, and others. Perhaps you might have even gotten into a fan war defending your idols.

However, the music scene was not just about boy bands. Many female solo artists made an impact in this industry as well. And one of those who stood out was, of course, the one and only Taylor Swift. At the young age of 19, she released one of her hit albums, Speak Now. And since then, she has continued to hone her craft through a series of albums throughout the decade. Indeed, she was one of the artists that marked the decade.


It was the End of a Decade…

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the 2010 decade has come to an end. Gone were the fads of mustaches, vibrant colors, and #YOLO. And as they all say, “All good things must come to an end.”  It was indeed remarkable on its own despite the internal cringe some of us may feel.

… But the Start of an Age

Much of the 2010 trends may have collapsed but there were many things that stood firm until now from that decade. Instagram and Starbucks are still relevant even until now. And even at 33 years old, Taylor Swift remains to be a revolutionary pop culture icon. And in this timeframe, Xilium also continues to grow, learn, and innovate as a company.

The 2010s decade truly marked an era of her artistic growth from Speak Now to Lover. And how timely is it that she just released her own version of Speak Now this month. Listening to a matured voice and seasoned artist exudes such a different kind of nostalgia as we look back into the memories we had with the original Speak Now in the past. 

Taylor’s Version of Speak Now was not just simply also a nostalgic moment. It was also a winning moment where she reclaimed what was rightfully hers. And in doing so, it marked the start of an age for her music starting from Fearless (Taylor’s Version).

Retrospect (Xilium’s Version) (From the Vault)

Similarly, Xilium continues to win within. Born in the past decade, but standing firm in the new age, it still has remained strong and has grown over the period. It has experienced its own firsts and milestones worth commemorating with everyone.

Taylor Swift once sang, “I said remember this moment,” in one of her famous songs, Long Live. This song in particular was about her celebrating her winning moments in her career and life. Moreover, she dedicates this song to her team and fans who have helped her reach the pinnacle of success. 

Just like Taylor Swift, do you remember your winning moment? Do you remember the people who have also helped you make it far? Does it ever bring you nostalgia looking back at where you’ve been to get to where you are

When we take a look at our past, we appreciate the growth we have in the present. We learn from our mistakes and uplift one another in growing for the better. Never forget to also look back on your winning moments. Our past works and memories do not just also serve as lessons, but an inspiration as well to reach further heights. With retrospective frames, we learn to look towards the future in better vision because of how far we have come.

 For many tenured members in Xilium, it certainly gives them a retrospective feeling. Of course, this would not have been possible without the people who have helped Xilium evolve into what it is now. And in Xilium, we celebrate each one’s victory – big or small. Each victory is worth commemorating as a step into the past is a leap into the future.