Xilium Turns 12: A Celebration of Sustaining Success and Secrets to Continuous Winning

Reaching a 12-year milestone in the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry is no small feat. As we at Xilium Professional Services commemorated our journey over the past dozen years, we embarked on a nostalgic throwback to the year 2011, the time when our company came to life and marked the early days of our success story.

On July 14, 2023, our anniversary celebration was full of victorious moments. With  Winning Happens Anytime: My Time to Win as our theme this year, it acts as a symbolism that victory is not limited to a specific moment or circumstance, but rather, it can manifest at any time for anyone who perseveres and works diligently towards their goals. Having a moment of reflection on how we have been growing, living, and winning within the company over the past 12 years served as a poignant reminder of the reasons behind our continuous success: our exceptional workforce, who breathe life into our company culture. Our anniversary theme embodies the idea that each of our employees and virtual medical assistants has the potential to achieve greatness.

The Twelve Quests, Display Picture or DP blasts, and raffles with gift cheques, vouchers, and cash as prizes were the series of enjoyable anniversary engagements we launched on Facebook prior to our momentous celebration. As we held a small office soiree, we distributed anniversary swag kits and awarded the recipients of the Free Laptop Program as part of our corporate social responsibility. With everyone dressed elegantly in their 2011-inspired couture as part of the 12-Year Throwback Dress-Up Challenge, the evening was made entertaining and unforgettable through the various games, thrilling activities, and scrumptious buffet, which brought forth the abundance of smiles, laughter, warm conversations, and joyful moments, filling the room with an atmosphere of merriment and made the celebration a precious sight to behold.

Through the anniversary swag kit we have distributed and our internal recognition program, in which tenured employees with five and ten-year milestones were awarded with plaques and certificates, we were able to commend the dedication and hard work of our employees, who made this journey possible. Their teamwork and shared vision have been the driving force behind our achievements. The collaborative spirit and mutual support among our teams have enabled us to overcome setbacks and attain triumphs. Simultaneously in Iloilo, Roxas, Bacolod, Cebu, and Baguio, our Xilium friends raised a toast to acknowledge not just the extraordinary outcomes we have accomplished but also the challenges we have come across with. Our ability to adapt, learn, and emerge stronger from difficult situations has been instrumental in our capacity to thrive in a competitive environment.

In between the Winning Happens Anytime highlight video viewing, Xilium President and Chief Executive Officer Ms. Vanessa Belleza put emphasis on making our health our top priority and expressed her commitment to continue working towards diversity and inclusivity and providing a safe, healthy, and welcoming environment for employment within the company. More than that, she takes pride in recounting the milestones and achievements that have defined the company’s growth. From humble beginnings, Xilium has expanded its reach into other site locations, introduced numerous jobs and careers, and garnered accolades for excellence in the industry. Each achievement served as a stepping stone, propelling it closer to the summit of success.