10 Filipino Teleseryes That Have Stood The Test of Time

Television Dramas or teleseryes have always been part of Filipino culture. Eagerly waiting for the time slot for your favorite teleserye to air, and watching it with your loved ones will always spark memories in every household. With each and every episode, we watched as the characters fall in love, fight one another, and cry in sorrow.

To end our Buwan ng mga Wika campaign, we held a contest on Facebook called the Favorite Childhood Teleserye Contest. This contest gave us a chance to reminisce about some of the greatest and most impactful teleseryes that we have watched growing up.

Even though some of us have memorized the usual plots and themes of some teleseryes, we can’t deny that there have also been shows that have continued to stand the test of time and have truly impacted its viewers. When someone asks you “What’s your favorite Filipino teleserye?” Your an

1. Esperanza (1997-1999)

    The 90s were one of the best periods for Filipino dramas, with Esperanza being one of the most recognizable and highest rated shows during that time. It follows a story of romance between two young individuals from different walks of life.

    2. Mula sa Puso (1997-1999)

      Your quintessential ‘damsel in distress’ story with real-life lovers Rico Yan and Claudine Barretto taking the screen in their first TV show. Mula sa Puso moved a nationwide audience and grabbed one of the all-time highest ratings in Filipino television.

      3. Forevermore (2014-2015)

        The scenic landscapes of Benguet were where the love team of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, or famously known as ‘LizQuen’, first had their appearance in the TV screens. Their on-screen chemistry proved to be a successful hit among viewers, with Forevermore being aired in different countries such as Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Kenya.

        4. Darna (2005)

          Probably one of the most popular Filipino shows of all time and one with numerous adaptations, 2005s Darna starring Angel Locsin was among the most remembered adaptations of the famous superheroine. With the classic story of the magical stone that could grant one superpowers, the tale of Darna will always endure in Philippine popular culture.

          5. Got to Believe (2013-2014)

            The KathNiel love team composed of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla will always be etched forever in a lot of teenager’s hearts. Got to Believe was a beloved teenage drama with the story of highschool romance and a surprising twist in the character’s personal backgrounds, and a finale that was considered to have one of the best endings on Filipino TV.

            6. Mara Clara (1992/2010)

              One of the few Filipino dramas that have been remade throughout the years, 2010s Mara Clara was probably the first time that Goin’ Bulilit stars Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes assume more mature and dramatic roles, with two young girls who were seemingly enemies, always butting heads. Which side were you on, Team Mara or Team Clara?

              7. Kampanerang Kuba (2005)

                Kampanerang Kuba was a story of compassion and transformation. Anne Curtis, who was portrayed as a hunchback who rang the church bell, transformed into an elegant lady. The story is quite reminiscent of Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame

                8. Maging Sino Ka Man (2006)

                  The star studded cast of Bea Alonzo, John Lloyd Cruz, Anne Curtis, and Sam Milby in Maging Sino Ka Man showed the disparities and inequality in socio-economic classes, especially when it came to romantic relationships.

                  9. Be Careful With My Heart (2012)

                    Sir Chief and Maya, a television love tandem that many of us won’t forget. Be Careful With My Heart proved to be one of the most celebrated shows in Philippine television with a love team that oozed with chemistry.

                    10. FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (2015-2022)

                      When we talk about Filipino teleseryes with the most impact and significance, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano has to be on the top of that list. The longest running teleserye for 7 years, it has become arguably the most popular show in Philippine television, and because of the massive support from millions of fans, the show has been extended several times. It even came to a point where several memes and jokes were made wondering when the show will ever end.

                      Of course, there are still countless other great teleseryes that weren’t mentioned, even ones that are arguably better than the shows that are on this list. But these are only some of the most influential teleseryes that have paved the way for other shows to thrive in Philippine television. These teleseryes act as a reminder that the everyday dramas that we see on TV are also a significant part of our culture and are something that we, as Filipinos can be truly proud of.