Choosing Your Leaders

May 2022 has been a historic event for all Filipinos for we have the liberty to choose rightful leaders to govern the country for the next six years. Now more than ever, Filipinos have been more determined to exercise their right to vote as they want to see progressive changes in the country. With a record-breaking 65.7 million Filipinos who cast their votes last May 9, we now have the newly elected officials on the roster waiting for their inauguration.

We must remember that The Philippines is a democratic country where its people have the power in electing the people who are in position. Its power is divided equally among the three branches of the state namely executive, legislative, and judicial. Each with different roles to govern:

The Executive branch is composed of the President, Vice President, and the Cabinet who are responsible to carry out and enforce laws in the country. The President leads the country, the Vice President whose initial role was to support the affairs of the President, and the Cabinet members who serve as advisors to the President.

The Legislative branch is composed of 24 elected Senators and over 250 members of the House of Representatives coming from different provinces, and cities, including the diverse and marginalized sectors of the country. They are the ones who are authorized to make laws and policies that help and improve the way of living of the country and its people.

Lastly, the Judiciary Branch is mainly responsible for interpreting the meaning of the laws and the constitution. It also has the duty to settle controversies that are in conflict with the law

Now that the elections are done, we now look forward to the next set of officials and their programs that should improve the lives of the people they govern. Filipinos may have mixed feelings about the electoral results, but we must remember that the election is not about the politicians. It is always about the people – their needs, demands, rights, and interests that should be concerned and taken into consideration.

We cannot deny that our choices reflect our values, nonetheless, it also determines our destiny – the future of the country and its people. Thus, with the choice that the majority of the Filipinos made in the last 2022 elections, let us all hope for the best as the future of the country lies on the shoulders of the elected leaders.