Filipino Comfort Food for the Rainy Season

The rainy season is back again. For some, the rainy days make it more difficult to focus on the activity at hand and drain energy. Others might find it the ideal opportunity to binge-watch their favorite series or take a good rest. One thing is certain though: rainy days and food go together perfectly. A cup of hot coffee paired with a freshly baked pandesal or a hearty bowl of hot soup just might brighten you up during this gloomy weather. 

Here is a list of affordable, widely available, and simple to prepare comfort foods that will keep you warm during the rainy season:

Lugaw or Arroz Caldo

Nothing is more comforting than a bowl of lugaw. This “essential” lugaw is simple and easy to prepare and only requires rice, water, and salt, making it a perfect meal, especially in the cold, lazy weather. Another variation of this rice porridge is the Arroz Caldo, a dish that is topped with an egg, chicharron, and strips of chicken or pork, in addition to the basic ingredients of rice, water, salt, black pepper, and ginger.

Best place to eat Lugaw and Arroz Caldo: This rice porridge is served almost everywhere, from carinderia to restaurants. Luna’s Arroz Caldo, in General Luna St, Iloilo City is worth a try.

Click here to get the full recipe of Lugaw and Arroz Caldo:

La Paz Batchoy

La Paz Batchoy is among the famous delicacies in Iloilo and the entire country. The dish gets its name from the La Paz district of Iloilo City, where it all started. The dish stands out for having a “liquid gold” soup that is full of  flavor and is made up of noodle soup with hog meat, chicharon, egg noodles, savory broth, and an egg. This makes it the ideal dish to enjoy while it is pouring rain outside.

Best place to eat La Paz Batchoy: In either Deco’s, Ted’s, or Netong’s in La Paz Public Market in Iloilo is the perfect place to experience the authentic La Paz Batchoy.

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If you want something sweet to eat on rainy days, this comfort food is perfect for you. Champorado is a sweet chocolate rice porridge made with sticky rice, sugar, and tablea. It is commonly served as a breakfast in Filipino households but it can also be served as a snack. For added creaminess, milk can be added; powdered, condensed, or evaporated milk is fine. This could be eaten along with Tuyo or dried salted fish, a popular combination in Filipino cuisine. These days, Champorado now comes in different flavors aside from chocolate.

Best Place to eat Champorado: This comfort food was available everywhere such as eateries, restaurants, and cafes. To try Ube-Cheese Champorado visit Book Latté in Iloilo City. 

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Ginataang Halo Halo (Binignit)

Binignit, a popular Filipino dessert that is easy to prepare and comforting to eat, especially on rainy days. In the Visayas, it is referred to as binignit or palutaw, while in Metro Manila, it is called ginataang halo-halo or bilo-halo. The dish is prepared in water and gata (coconut milk) and includes all or a combination of taro, sweet potatoes, saba, sago pearls, landang (native tapioca), and rolled sticky rice.

Best Place to eat Ginataang Halo Halo: One of the places to try Binignit is in Quan Delicacies which is located in Bacolod City. Click here to get the full recipe of Ginataang Halo Halo:

Kadyos, Baboy, Lanka

The Kadyos (pigeon peas), Baboy (pork) Langka (jackfruit) is a well-loved Ilonggo viand and a staple of Western Visayas cuisine. This dish, which is famously known as KBL, has been passed down through the years and is made with local ingredients that are widely available in the Visayas. Kadyos, Baboy, Langka, often consumed with steaming rice, is a meal of hearty maroon-brown soup and has a sour flavor from the presence of the native fruit batuan/batwan and few siling haba (green chili) giving it a spicy kick, making it ideal for the cold weather.

Best Place to eat Kadyos, Baboy, Lanka: This dish can be found in every eatery and restaurant. Sandok Comfort Food is one of the restaurants that serve KBL located in Bacolod City. 

Click here to get the full recipe of Kadyos, Baboy, Lanka: 

These simple, hearty, and filling meals are the perfect way to indulge your palate this time of year. Don’t give in to the rainy day blues! Enjoy these comfort food together with living more with Xilium.