Growth Demands Change: Why Allied Health Professionals Are Choosing to Become VAs or VMAs

It has been evident how the growth of virtual medical assistants has spurred in terms of demand in the past years. This growth has been made largely possible by different advances in technology which allowed people to have easier access to healthcare and medical information.

According to the Philippine Board of Investments (2021), the country remains an attractive location for Health Information Management Services (HIMS) operations and one of the top industry investments in the Philippines by US firms despite the global economic slowdown brought about by the COVID 19 pandemic. At the core of this industry is the growing demand for virtual medical assistants- allied health professionals who provide clinical and administrative duties for doctors in a virtual or remote setting.

The following are reasons why Allied Health Professionals are choosing to become Virtual Assistants or Virtual Medical Assistants.

Growing Work Opportunities

Given the increasing demand for a virtual workforce and the rapid growth of telehealth, more Filipino health professionals are enticed to become virtual assistants or virtual medical assistants. Telehealth visits increased from 1% of primary care visits to almost 43.5% from February to April 2020 based on the report published by the US Department of Health and Human Services. A wide array of career opportunities await them here and abroad.


Since VAs or VMAs have their work on a remote setup, this additional flexibility encourages them to become assistants. There is no need to suffer from toxic hospital shifts and heavy schedules. They can still practice their passion in the comfort of their homes and in a much more conducive working environment.


Allied Health Professionals are presented with a diverse set of tasks and responsibilities depending on the needs of the clients and the assistant’s skillset. This enabled them to escape hospitals and clinics’ monotonous and laborious tasks.

Work-Life Balance

By becoming a VMA, health professionals can enjoy and practice their passion for helping their patients in a more healthy and motivating environment. Work-life balance is more possible to achieve than enduring the stress of conventional setups.

The COVID pandemic has made a tremendous impact on global health systems. What previously worked as a niche now becomes the trend carrier. For Allied Health Professionals, this is the right time to choose a career that allows them to love what they do in a motivating environment where they are properly compensated and more opportunities are available.


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