Hybrid Workplace: The Next Normal

Two years have passed since Xilium had adopted a work-from-home model to stay operational due to the face-to-face office setup restrictions brought by the COVID 19 pandemic. Most employees have been working from home and were given all the needed equipment to stay productive. However, working from home also has its disadvantages, considering the numerous distractions while working.

It has been two years, and don’t you miss the feeling of working inside the office without being interfered with household responsibilities? Yet you also do not want to let go of the current setup where you are working comfortably at your own home? 

As limitations and pandemic restrictions have been relaxed, Xilium now adapts a Hybrid Workplace setting where employees have the option to work on-site if necessary, and they may still choose to work at home on some days of the week.

The Hybrid Workplace setting stands for what Xilium wants to offer its employees – work-life balance. The hybrid setup is flexible and allows employees to fit their schedule of reporting inside the office to what is the best time for them.

Work-life balance is achievable in a relaxed work environment. Employees who have more control over their work schedules have more time to do the things that come up in their personal life. We have been considering working from home as the “New Normal,” working in a hybrid environment is now becoming the “Next Normal.”