NCLEX Sponsorship

One of the biggest challenges for aspiring nurses in upscaling their careers is passing  the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN® exam). Brian Caniedo, a Project Manager at Xilium, talks about the company’s newly-launched program –  NCLEX Scholarship or the VRN Superstar Program. This program is designed to help Xilium employees qualify themselves and find greater opportunities in their careers as U.S. Registered Nurses (USRN).

The VRN Superstar Program is planned to incorporate three processes – External, Internal, and Promotional programs. As the company is still in the first phase of launching the program, only the internal process will be implemented. That is, the program will only be offered to Xilium’s current employees. Potential candidates will benefit from this program through the NCLEX Review, financial assistance, and proper guidance in preparing all the necessary requirements and transactions in becoming a USRN.

Staying true to providing innovative solutions to employees’ and clients’ concerns, the VRN Superstar Program will serve to provide growth opportunities and give back to employees. All the while ensuring that clients will have enough pool and resources to meet their demands and get the best services possible.