Patan-aw Sang Evolve Beh: Philippine Languages Over Time


Filipino languages have never been uniform and simple. With over 120 languages in the country, hapos lang hambalon nga indi kita mag-intindihanay because of the language barrier. However, it is important to note that language always has been, and always will be, evolving. Biskan ano pa kadamo ang mga lenggwahe diri sa Pilipinas, may ara gid isa ka paagi nga makaintindihanay kita, biskan sa pinakasimple nga paagi: mashups.

They go by several terms–slang, lingo, jargon, speak, colloquialism. They can be a mix of one or two languages, a sort of hybrid speak, or they can have completely different context. Only those privy to the context will be able to understand some of these slangs. It takes a certain amount of evolution for languages to merge this way. Combine this with the ever-changing culture and the age of the internet and you have yourself a hybrid language.

We have conyo speak, gay lingo, Bisaya english, and internet lingo, to name a few. To get an idea of how languages evolve over time, check out some of the most common terms you’ve probably heard somewhere, sometime in your life. Mabatian mo ni sila sa officemates mo, classmates mo, o kung sin-o man da maglabay sa kilid mo.


CARPS = Are you game?

Carps → Carpet → Synonymous to rug → RUG → R (are) U (you) (g = game) → Are you game?

Ex.: “Yo, pare, we’re gonna head to BGC after class. Carps?


Scoobs → Scooby Doo → The dog’s breed is a Great Dane →  Dane →  Deins →  Deins is a slang for “Hindi” or no → No or no thanks

Ex.: “Dude pare chong, did you move my bag?” 

Scoobs, bro. I didn’t do it.

SALT = As in!

Salt → Translates to Asin →  “As in.”

Ex.: “Grabe this weather, noh? It’s so mainit.

Salt! I’m sweating so much.

PICS = I’m game!

Pics → Picture → Synonymous to image → Image is shortened to IMG when saved as a file → I (I) M (am) G (game) → I’m game!

Ex.: “Sure, bro. Pics. Pick me at the CTC building.

TIMBS = Why?

Timbs → Timba or bucket → Bucket sounds like “Baket” or why? → Why? / Why did you do it?

Ex.: “Timbs you say that? That’s crazy.


Crayola Khomeni → Crying or to cry

Borta → Big bodied, usually applied to men who often go to the gym

Julanis Morisette, Reyna Elena → Raining

Warla → War or to fight someone

Nakakalurky → Shocking or surprising


Yaaas kween → To encourage someone or cheer them on

Tea / Piping hot tea → Latest news or update, usually something scandalous

Stan → To idolize someone, usually a celebrity or famous person

Oomf → Stands for One of My Friends / Followers

Periodt → To leave no room for arguments, as a period would to a sentence