Workplace Personality Types

Get to know Xillium’s Mythological Creatures

Workplaces are full of diverse individuals with different types of personalities. This diversity usually shapes the thriving culture in every organization but here in Xilium, these differences seem unworldly and spooky! Take a look at these 5 most interesting workplace personality types and find out which Xilium mythological creature you are.

Multo: The Introvert

First in the list is the most active throughout the year and the one who is always blamed for something spooky and unexplained – multo or mumu.

Here in the company, the Xilium Multo is the introvert- the one who prefers to be alone rather than in a group setting. Even though they are more comfortable in doing things by themselves, they’re organized, reliable, and consistent in their work performance. Notably interesting is that these employees seem to be always present even though you’re sure they are not around. Reminder, Xilium Multo always have their cameras off during online meetings. Be careful, you have been warned. 

Nuno: The Negotiator

The Xilium Nuno is the negotiator or the one who holds too much information about everyone else. They aspire to take on leadership roles and oftentimes they are the most focused and straightforward employees. Moreover, they are the most reliable ones but, you have to be always ready since not everything comes free. 

Just like in folklore, they are very territorial beings, and most likely they know when a pen is missing in their desks. Don’t forget to pay your respects or else you might be blown away by the winds. Here’s a secret – they might not always be showy but they are the mastermind behind every cup of tea served in the pantry!

Tikbalang: The Energizer

Xilium Tikbalangs are the energizers. These “life of the party” individuals are the ones who are highly active in company activities and never run out of horsepower. They are always bringing up new ideas and solutions in every team huddle because of their creativity and innovativeness. Similar to testimonies, these people enjoy getting people lost and from time to time, driving them totally insane.

Just a reminder, their enthusiasm might get you distracted at times but still, they are the best people when times get tough!

Tiyanak: The Charming

Here in the company, Tiyanaks are certified Xilium Cuties. Their bubbly and charming personalities allow them to be friends with almost everyone in the office. They are also the ones who are always focused on their work but never fail to look cool and pretty especially after shift.

We just have to be very careful, since they always use their cuteness and innocence to lure people into their tricks – you might never know you’re actually doing their tasks already!

Also, Xilium Tiyanaks are kitchen trolls! If you can’t see them in their desks, they’re most likely in the pantry enjoying their food.

Tiktik: The Analyst

Xilium Tiktiks are often called analysts. These employees work best in positions that deal with data and metrics. Xilium Tiktiks are steady, persistent, and produce quality work without needing too much recognition. These employees are usually smart and cunning since they always know when to strike at the right moment maximizing their strengths. 

Just like how they got their names from the sounds they make, these employees always take the lead in terms of solving problems and leading the team in achieving great results