Where growth is encouraged…

As our company expands to the City of Smiles, so does the mission of Xilium to uphold its corporate responsibility. One of which is helping marginalized communities through education and employment opportunities. 

Education empowers citizens to live a fuller life, and a full life means a life well-lived. In light of this, a laptop unit was turned over from the company to Barangay Trentay UNO, represented by Punong Barangay, German Bullolaza Jr. last May 5th. The laptop will become part of the baranggay’s E-Learning Hub Project that provides free internet, free printing, and technology access to the many students residing in the area. The project encourages students to continue their education despite the ongoing pandemic.

The following week, another initiative in partnership with the baranggay was launched. Project TRABAHO was a recruitment event held in Trentay UNO’s multi-purpose hall in hopes of finding the right candidates to join the company when we open in Bacolod soon. As they say, when your blessings are abundant, build a larger table, not a taller fence. Everyone is welcome to apply and see if they fit the requirements to become part of our growing family.

Nearing the opening of our new site, our Bacolod Team continues to work hard in communicating and building a relationship with the local community. As much as we value growth, we also value our culture, which can only thrive when we coexist with others in our community. Padayon!