Young at Art Program Flourishes in the City of Smiles

Community building has always been at the heart of Xilium’s advocacies. That same passion for bringing people together translated into the company’s love for the arts, which ultimately led to the creation of the Young at Art Program, or simply known as YAP.

An initiative to promote the beauty of art and creativity while developing and building fundamental skills in art, Xilium has been conducting the Young at Art Program for past years, and teaching and showcasing art exhibits to children and teens. 

After the success of YAP in partnership with Artivism, a local art organization based in Iloilo, it was time to extend the movement to its neighboring island. In honor of National Arts Month, for the first time ever, Xilium brings the Young at Art Program in Bacolod City.

Artfull Gallery, the Heart of Art in Bacolod City

In searching for an organization to partner with, choosing one that lives and breathes the art scene of the city is of utmost importance. The search for Xilium’s partner organization for the first Young at Art Program in Bacolod led to a small art gallery and cafe located right in the heart of Lacson Street – Artfull Gallery and Cafe

Artfull Gallery may look simple in its facade, but it boasts a world of captivating local art the moment you come inside. An artist collective, cafe, art shop, workshop space, and artist atelier all in one, Artfull Gallery has truly grown to be one of the most eminent hubs for art and culture in Bacolod. 

Managed and directed by Tey Sevilleno who is also the current President of the Art Association of Bacolod-Negros, Xilium’s Young at Art Program and our young artists who participated were surely in the hands of a true leader in the city’s art scene.

Young Artists Shine and Thrive 

The group of young artists were composed of a dozen aspiring kids ranging from 12-17 years old, with each one bearing their own unique styles and talents in art. A few being more refined in skill and some having yet to discover their artistic touch. 

To guide them throughout the workshop were two local artists, masters in multiple art mediums. The first session was led by a world renowned artist from Talisay City, Ramon De Los Santos. Manong Ramon taught the young artists the basics of drawing, a fundamental skill in art, and clay sculpting of which Manong Ramon specializes on.

On their second session, the young artists were brought to the masterful hands of Tey Sevillino herself as she taught the participants all about gouache and watercolor painting. Along with snacks and meals prepared from Artfull’s Cafe and freebies from Xilium, the young artists definitely made memories and gathered learnings that they will bring throughout their artistic journey.

YAP and the Bacolod Art Scene Moving Forward

The workshop ended on a high note with certificates and freebies that were given out to each participant. But perhaps the greatest takeaway that anyone could have gotten from each lesson and activity was a newfound appreciation not just for art, but for the local art scene as a whole. Seeing each young artist portray their love for art gives nothing but hope. Hope that the future of our local art scene can be further strengthened when nurtured and cultivated within our communities and the youth.

As Manong Ramon and Teacher Tey passed on their knowledge and skills to each young artist, their passion for both teaching and learning was evident. No matter how many workshops and the thousands of artists that they have taught, their willingness to pass on everything that they know and bring out the potential of each artist will never waver.

Perhaps, because they were once also those kids figuring out their first drawing, or painting on their first canvas. Perhaps they were also once young at art. With Xilium and Artfull Gallery looking to expand towards more collaborations and partnerships beyond the Young at Art Program, the future looks bright for aspiring artists in Bacolod. 

The Young at Art Program will continue to put smiles on young artist’s faces not just in the City of Smiles, but in future cities hereafter. Soon, with the world as their canvas, more passionate young artists will flourish with us – one brush stroke at a time.