Communication is not just about delivering and receiving messages from one person to another — it is also about increasing our understanding of others. Learning, relearning, and being open to cultural norms is a vital part of communication. It is in this spirit that everyone looked forward to the Cross-Cultural talk with our founder Don Wicklegren and president Vanessa Belleza. 

Having worked and interacted with Filipinos, Americans, and other nationalities, they believe that a deep understanding of the cultural nuances can make an individual and a company successful. After a short discussion, employees were given the opportunity to ask anything about the American culture to further develop awareness and sensitivity for a more thoughtful communication with their clients overseas.

We strive to break barriers by continuously improving not only for our clients but also for ourselves. This is the aim of the Cross-Cultural Literacy talk and the entire Communications Week refresher sessions on Basic Communication, Call Handling, Email Writing, and De-Escalation Strategies last October 19-23, 2020.