I AM A WOMAN, A WOMAN I AM: Women of Xilium Feature Series 

Advice on Life, Work, and Being A Woman of the Times
Quote Series: What life philosophy, advice, or personal rule comes to mind when you hear the word…

Ping Dagoco: Service
Client Services

“We live in a very competitive market where the customers are better informed and companies continuously innovate making it challenging in achieving excellent customer service. Being with Client Service, having satisfied clients is a key concern. If the clients are satisfied with your services, you will be able to form a relationship of trust, thus, making your company reliable. Allow me to quote Douglas Adams ‘To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, that is sincerity and integrity.’”

Charmie Mendoza: Leadership
Accounts Supervisor

“As one of the young leaders of this growing organization, it involves determination and the drive to cultivate and empower diverse professional growth. Anyone is given an equal opportunity to step up and grow. With sincerity, perseverance, patience, willingness to listen and learn and be open to changes — you can be an effective leader. Continue to believe and value oneself. Always play the sound of optimism which withdraws fear and uncertainty of “what ifs”. Thus, to lead is to listen, learn, adapt and grow.”

Emz Montaño: Relationship
Human Resource Officer

“A relationship is not just about love. It’s about management. If you don’t manage it well, it will die. It requires attention, integrity, understanding, faithfulness, honesty, respect, fostering the feeling and balance in all aspects. If you found a good soul whom you love completely & wholeheartedly, nurture and manage the relationship well. Only by then, both love and the relationship will persevere.”

Kherk Tupas: Transformation
Training Specialist

“Gandhi once said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” The joy of learning lies in the process, not the end result. When you dedicate yourself to a life of continuous self-improvement and growth, you remain curious and open and in a state of constant expansion. Being a part of a company that is committed to creating and maintaining an open and supportive working environment that includes equal opportunity for advancement and development regardless of sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression does not only make your life more interesting and meaningful, but it also inspires others to follow in your footsteps. And the more people who choose to continuously improve rather than remain in a state of stagnation, the better it will be for the world.”

Angela Castañares: Commitment
Skills Assessor

“Commitment is simply dedication and responsibility. Putting effort on what you do at work, whether you are being supervised or not, is the ideal we all need to uphold. 

In turn, we earn the trust and respect of the management and colleagues.”